Mongolian Mortgage Fund

Mongolian Mortgage Fund NBFI has received its special permission of “Loaning service” in Nov 2th of 2011, under the resolution 305.

It provides loan, financial consulting, and trust services in compliance with the need of customers and market. MMF has issued 12 billion MNT’s loan to 700 customers since 2012.

It has attracted 1 billion MNT’s investment in 2017, through its closed-end bond and trust service.

Also, it has become one of TOP 50 NBFIs of Mongolia, with its increased asset of 3.1 billion MNT, while keeping the loan repayment high at 96.5%.


MMF is the first NBFI of Mongolia, which has issued a guaranteed bond on the basis of permission to issue a closed-end bond under the resolution 271, on June 10th of 2015.

In addition to our own sourced loans, we have generated 280 million MNT’s investment source from “Sustainable livelihood – 2” project which is carried by The Microfinance Development Fund. In the framework of the micro financing, 370 million MNT’s low interest loan was issued to 48 low and middle income citizens to support their micro businesses.

Annual auditing is carried out by one of the biggest global audit organizations as Ernst&Young /2011-2014/ and KPMG Audit /2015-2017/.

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