Management Team

Master Group’s management team consist of skillful and experienced professionals and good corporate governance has been implemented since 2017.

Ts. Dashtseren
General Director of Master Group
The shareholder and founder of Master Group, comprises 5 subsidiaries that operate in real estate, construction development and financial industries.
B. Javzanpagma
Deputy Director of Master Group
17 years of experience in financial sector.
Ch. Enebish
Executive Director of foreign invested MJM LLC
Project manager of Hoimor office.
Construction development experience in 2 residential apartments
Мастер Проперти Менежмент ХХК-ийн Гүйцэтгэх захирал
ҮХХ-ийн салбарт 10 жил ажилласан туршлагатай.
G. Lkhamragchaa
Project director

8 years’ experience in marketing and branding.
3th year in project management and research analyzing
B. Bolormaa
Project director
5 years’ experience in product development and marketing.
5 years’ experience in financing.
Ch. Munkhtuya
Genaral Manager of Mongolian Mortgage Fund NBFI
6 years’ experience as accountant and economist at NBFI
Promoted to General Manager in 2015


We have been reflecting precious advice from the professionals of each industry into our operations in order to achieve the mission and vision.

L. Narmandakh
20 years of experience at World Bank, UNEP Europe office and Mongolian government exchange and cooperation programs. Specializes in sustainable development, environmental issues and poverty reduction.
Pierre-Alain Lapaire (Swiss)
25 years of experience in legal, commercial banking, risk management and private banking activities. Founder at Dynastic Advisors LLC, an independent wealth management consultancy based in Switzerland. Previously served as the Managing Director & Head of Middle-East and Africa at UBS Wealth Management in Switzerland.
Philip Sargisson (Swiss)
Worked as a consultant worldwide, at several governments and NGOs, and gained experience at UNHCR. In latest 25 years, he has provided operational consulting at mega and minor projects of strategic and organizational levels.

Consulting Organization

ELC LLP is our legal advisor since 2016, which has 17 years’ consulting experience in specialized fields.

MJM LLC, the construction company of the group, has started to apply OHSAS 18001:2007, British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems, and Environmental management standard ISO 1400:2015. The implementation and compliance were audited by PECB (Professional Evaluation and Certification Board) and was recommended the CERTIFICATION in December 2017. Also we focus on risk management and risk assessment in cooperation with Eco National LLC and Safety Training Consulting Service LLC.

Our projects